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How do I use discount codes, vouchers and coupons?

From time to time we may email a discount code or you may claim a discount code when participating in the Podlyfe Rewards program. 

Discount codes, vouchers or coupons can be claimed and applied to your cart when making a purchase on podlyfe.com  


A maximum of 1 (one) discount code is redeemable per order and can be in the form of

  • Fixed Value (e.g. $5 voucher)
  • % Based (e.g. 10% off your order)
  • Complimentary express shipping

If you have redeemed rewards from the Podlyfe Rewards portal and have more than one discount code (depending on when it expires) remaining codes will be available under "Your Rewards" when you're signed into the Podlyfe Rewards portal to use on your next order. 

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