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How pod vapes are changing the way Australians VapeUpdated a year ago

You might be hearing a lot about vape pod systems and wonder if it’s just a lot of hype or if this system is actually legit. Today, we’re looking to show you how pod systems will change the way we vape and the reasons you’ll want to jump on board.
But before we get too far, let’s answer the question, “what is a vape pod system?”



Contrary to popular belief, a vape pod system isn’t the same as a fancy vape pen. While the concept is very similar, most vape pens do not have good battery life and tend to call it quits pretty early. With a pod system, you can still enjoy the portability of a vape pen, with a much stronger battery life.

Also, with a vape pod system, you utilize a pod instead of a tank. Basically, this means that with a vape pod system it’s way easier to swap out e-liquids and refill your vape pod. So, you don’t have to feel stuck with one flavor, you can mix it up however you want.

Now that you have a better idea of what a vape pod system is, let’s dive into all the ways that it’s changing the way we vape.



In today’s society, we like things that are simple and easy to figure out. If it’s too complicated, odds are our attention span will give out and we’ll move on to something else. Vape pod systems are incredibly user-friendly and easy to use.

If you’ve used a vape pen before, then using a vape pod system will be a piece of cake. Vape pod systems follow the same concepts and of vape pens, so it should take you little to no time at all to get this system up and running.



Another similarity to vape pens, vape pod systems are incredibly discreet and portable. Often fitting nicely in the palm of your hand, these types of vapes are designed to blend in and not draw attention. 

In addition to being discreet, vape pod systems are also very portable and have batteries that can last a great deal longer than most vape pens. So no matter where you go, the vape pod system can move along with you.



Vape pod systems also allow you to utilize nic salts, otherwise known as nicotine salts. The salts come in e-liquid and e-juice form and are easily used in the vape pod system. With salts, you can get powerful nicotine hits while also enjoying some amazing and delicious flavors.

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