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How to choose the right nicotine strength for your vapeUpdated 2 years ago

Nicotine, is known for mood elevation, alertness and tranquility. Today, nicotine salts are creating a buzz among vapers and gaining popularity in the vaping industry. This is because of their faster absorption into users system and the satisfaction they bring to vapers and transitioning smokers by fulfilling their nicotine craving. They are easy to inhale with a satisfying nicotine hit. You can find nicotine salts e-liquids here

What are nicotine salt e-liquids?

Please also refer to our detailed nicotine salts guide

Nic salts are also known as nicotine salt e-liquids. Nicotine Salts are the natural state of nicotine. These salt e-liquids are available with varying amounts of nicotine in different flavors. Moreover, nic salts contain Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG), usually with a proportion of 50/50 but it can also vary.

Because of the addition of Benzoic acid, which has low pH levels, nic salts are less harsh to take and ensure smoother vaping experience with better nicotine absorbability.

Picking the right nicotine strength

Nic salts are available with a varying range of strengths in the market. If you are new to vaping, choosing the right nicotine strength is very important to fulfil your cravings because consuming high strength nicotine might result in coughing and using less might not satisfy your needs.

E-liquids are available with strengths ranging from zero nicotine to 50 mg/ml and above. You may also find some e-liquids where strength is being mentioned in percentages rather than concentrations.

What is the best nicotine strength for you?

Choosing nicotine strength is primarily based upon your smoking habit and the type of device used for vaping. If you smoke 7 or fewer cigarettes daily, you will need low to medium nicotine strength. If you smoke 8+ cigarettes daily, you should look for a medium strength and lastly, heavy smokers are best suited to high nicotine eliquid strengths to cater to nicotine cravings in smaller yet concentrated doses.

Low Nicotine strengths

Regular Freebase Nicotine: 1.5 – 6 mg/ml
Nicotine Salts: 10 – 20 mg/ml
This strength range is good for flavour chasers. These strengths can be utilized with all types of pod devices but to get the best experience use sub-ohm tanks and high powered devices.

Medium Nicotine Strengths

Regular Freebase Nicotine: 6-12 mg/ml
Nicotine Salts: 20-30 mg/ml
This is ideal for people who want substantial nicotine dose. These strength ranges can be best obtained with medium powered devices but pod vapes will ensure a better experience.

High Nicotine Strengths

Regular Freebase Nicotine: 12-18 mg/ml
Nicotine Salts: 30-60 mg/ml
This is good for transitioning smokers but not at all advisable for low-nicotine vapers and non-smokers. High powered devices are not advisable for high nicotine strengths because they will deliver a huge amount of nicotine per puff. Vapes with tight mouth and pod-style vapes work best for high nicotine e-liquids.

Altering your nicotine strength

Let’s assume that you have tried different nicotine salt strengths and adjusted with the one that satisfies your needs. But still, at times it is confusing to decipher the mg/ml phenomenon. With this example, you can better understand that there is ‘x’ amount of nicotine in every ml of e-liquid.

An e-liquid comprising 50mg/ml contains 50 mg nicotine. For example, you fill a 2 ml refillable pod cartridge with 50 mg/ml e-liquid then you have got 2 ml * 50 mg/ml = 100 mg of nicotine in your pod cartridge. In the same way, a 30ml bottle of 50 mg/ml e-liquid contains 1500 mg of nicotine.

So if you are using 25 mg e-liquid but it is not fulfilling your craving, you could try 50mg/ml e-liquid or even more to satisfy your nicotine intake.

If the taken strength is hitting your throat too harsh, or you are getting enough satisfaction for your nicotine cravings alter it to a lower strength, with an aim to get to zero nicotine.

Who should vape nic salts?

One of the most effective ways to ditch your smoking habits is to start using nicotine salts to help curb your craving because of their close resemblance to the effects of smoking a cigarette.

You should consider using nicotine salts if you are:

  • A heavy smoker who wants to switch from smoking to vaping and is looking for the strongest e-liquid to provide the maximum level of satisfaction
  • MTL or vaper who uses pod vaping devices and is looking for a similar nicotine usage experience to smoking cigarettes

Best devices for vaping Nicotine Salts

The creation of nicotine salts aimed at providing solid nicotine hit with pod vaping devices. All of the vaping devices available at podlyfe are designed specifically for using nicotine salts.

The most user-friendly pod systems for consuming nic salts are:

  • UWELL Popreel N1
  • Caliburn A2 / G2
  • Vaporesso XROS


  • Smoother hit – the first and foremost advantage of nic salts is that they offer smoother punch in comparison with regular nicotine.
  • Better absorption rate – nic salts easily absorb into the bloodstream because of their natural state structure. They offer a similar experience as traditional smoking but with significantly less adverse health side effects.
  • Easier to switch to vaping – nicotine salt e-liquids have made the transition to vaping easier. Once you switch to vaping, your body needs time to adjust to the delivery of nicotine that tobacco cigarette smoke provides.
  • With similar nicotine delivery levels, the switch becomes far easier. Nicotine salt e-liquids have made the switch successful for many smokers. 
  • Less flavor impact – Freebase nicotine influences liquid’s flavor but nic salts have a reduced impact which can lead to a richer, more flavorful and pleasant vaping experience.
  • Vaping becomes cheaper with nic salts – a box mod or a sub-ohm tank ($80 - $140+) is more expensive than a pod vaping device ($25 - $50), as well as a lower quantity of e-liquids required in a pod vaping device.
  • Nicotine salts give you a discreet and inexpensive vaping experience which is a better nicotine delivery method to traditional cigarettes. 
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