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What are pod vapes?


As the number of vaping enthusiasts grows, companies are competing with each other to offer newer and better vaping experiences. If you are just making your first steps into the vaping world, you may be overwhelmed by the choices on the market: from mech mods through regulated box mods and egos, to vape pens and vape pods… it gets your head spinning, doesn’t it?

At Podlyfe, we’ve dedicated years of research to offer our clients only the best vaping experience. We know that everyone is different so your choice of vaping device should depend on your personal likes and preferences. However, if you’re wondering if a podvape is the right solution for you, we are here to walk you through the process.

Here are some of the benefits of vape pod systems and how they compare to alternative vaping devices.

Mass Appeal
One thing that sets pod mods like Juul apart from your standard vapin device is that they’re extremely simple to use. In addition to refillable pod systems, we at Podlyfe also offer prefilled vape pod systems which come fully charged and ready to vape. Taking the fuss and mess out of having to fill your vaping device means it’s easier to start vaping and you can do it anywhere, anytime – who wouldn’t love that?

Box mods traditionally come prefilled with eLiquids with a higher VG ratio so if you’re used to vaping box mods, you have probably developed a taste for these thicker eLiquids. The good news is that our pod systems are equally capable of vaping them so you can easily make the switch all while taking advantage of the greater range of vaping options pod systems offer.

Vape pens are very popular amongst beginning vapers as they’re simple to use but they do have their disadvantages. Many of our pod systems, on the other hand, come with ultra-portable cartridges with sub-ohm coils which is a massive step up in technology and something you won’t get out of your average everyday vape pen.

Stronger Nicotine Hit

A major reason why people go into vaping is because they’re looking to substitute traditional cigarettes with the much less harmful and safer eLiquids. The everyday vape pen is easy to use but this comes at the expense of the quality of eLiquids. Most average sub-ohm tanks are best suited for liquids with a nicotine content of 3-6mg which means that beginner vapers may not get enough nicotine from the standard box mod/sub-ohm tank setup.

Ultra-portable devices such as the pod systems, on the other hand, carry a much higher nicotine content. This is because vape pod systems work with nicotine salts: an innovative delivery method that allows for higher nicotine concentrations without sacrificing the smoothness or flavour (read more about nicotine salts here).

To put things in perspective: a 24mg mixture of nicotine in a vape pen is almost certain to provide a harsh, unpleasant vaping experience and the nicotine hit may come at the expense of a sore throat. The same concentration (or even as high as 50mg) of nicotine salts, however, won’t even make you bat an eye!

Leak Proof

The dreaded leaky tank: the nemesis and nightmare of the vape enthusiasts. Carrying eLiquid juice bottles around is a recipe for disaster on its one, but there’s always the possibility that your pre-filled vape pen or vaping device will have its cap loosen up or the liquid may seep through a tiny opening.

With Podlyfe’s products, you won’t have a care in the world. Our ultra-portable vape pod systems are pre-built and use disposable cartridges, which means there’s literally zero chance of suffering a leak.



While not all ultra-portable devices conform to this design, most of Podlyfe’s vape pod systems are activated by your breath. Granted, pushing a single button isn’t exactly rocket science but it does take a smoker away from the authentic experience. The pod systems are built to mimic traditional cigarette smoking: all you need to do is inhale to get that oh-so-sweet nicotine hit.

In a nutshell, the vape pod systems do a great job of bridging the gap between beginners and veteran vapers while simultaneously appealing to both. They’re more intuitive and safer to use (bye bye leaks!) and provide you with the ultimate vaping experience.

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