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Earn podlyfe discount codes, redeem vape rewards and refer adult smokers to make the switch to a better alternative.


What are Pod Points?

Earn Pod Points for different actions, and turn those Pod Points into awesome rewards!. Pod Points can be exchanged for store credit in multiples of $5 $10 and $25. Please note only one coupon code can be used per order. You can sign into your Pod Po

How do I use discount codes, vouchers and coupons?

From time to time we may email a discount code or you may claim a discount code when participating in the Podlyfe Rewards program. Discount codes, vouchers or coupons can be claimed and applied to your cart when making a purchase on podlyfe.com. A ma

How does the podlyfe referral program work?

Give your friends $20 off. When your friends buy from your invite link, you get $20 off!. Step 1 - Sign up for the podlyfe referral program to obtain your own unique referral code here. Step 2 - Share your referral codes with like minded friends inte