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My pod vape is leaking when I vape itUpdated a year ago

Minor leaking from a pod device is not uncommon during use but shouldn't continue for extended periods of time. If your pod device is leaking slightly or spitting, you can continue to use it, but wipe off the residue eliquid before inserting back into your pod device. Leaking can occur when the eliquid is pulled up into the air path due to one of the following reasons :

  • Inhaling strongly on the mouthpiece - try vaping more softly. 
  • Biting / compressing the prefilled pod as you vape - relax your mouth on the mouthpiece. 
  • Incorrectly filling the pod with eLiquid (if it is a refillable) - ensure you are filling it correctly. 
  • If you still experience leaking eliquid after making these adjustments
    • Remove the pod from the device, blow gently into the pod and wipe away any eliquid residue carefully with a tissue.  
    • Shake the pod (using your hands) to clear liquid from the air path
  • If still no success, please get in touch with us. 
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