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My Pods keep falling out of the device! How can I Fix It?Updated 2 years ago

The Reason

If you're finding your Caliburn G pods are falling out of the device, its mostly likely because one of the sides (where you insert the pod) has slightly moved outwards ever so slightly - less than 1mm. 

The Fix

To fix it, give the top of the device where you insert the pods a firm squeeze on both sides. This put the sides "back in place" allowing the pod cartridge to click in perfectly again.

The Cause

The potential causes of the side moving out are:    

  • Device unintentionally firing in your pocket 
    • Make sure you switch it off (5 clicks) 
  • Repetitively removing the black cap to refill applying pressure towards the bottom of the pod (gradually bending the side outwards)
  • Charging for extended periods of time with the pod cartridge inside the device 
    • When you charge the device, try removing the pod. 
  • Dropping / accidentally stepping on the device etc. 

If the fix doesn't work:

If unsuccessful - please contact us and we can assist with a return and replacement under our device warranty. 

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