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ReturnsUpdated 2 years ago

To ask for a return, please contact our support using our helpdesk or click here.

Do you accept change of mind returns?

We do accept returns in respect to the following conditions:

  • The item must have been sold on our online store
  • The return or exchange request is made within 14 days of delivery
  • Limited to a maximum of 2 devices per year
  • You cover the cost of return shipping to an Australian / NZ returns processing address 

What is your warranty period?

In line with the Consumer Guarantees Act We guarantee any of our products  sold through our online and physical stores to be free of defect. 

Our warranty periods are:

  • Refillable devices: 6 months from purchase
  • Prefilled devices: 12 months from purchase
  • Consumables: Dead on arrival 

If you make a purchase which needs to be covered under warranty our standard practice is to offer store credit (including shipping) to ensure you can get a replacement as quickly as possible without being out of pocket. 

Are returns free?

Returns are free. You can refer to the delivery paper within your package to perform organize your return.

Feel free to contact our support agents through our helpdesk for more details.

How long does it take to process a return?

Returns are usually confirmed within 24 hours of receiving the package at our returns processing location.

Once your return is accepted, the reimbursement, exchange or credit will be issued within 24 hours of accepting your return.

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